A bit of history of Dolores County, Colorado

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Aspen trees are not very common around the edges of the farms near Dove Creek. Minnie Tucker found some in a draw on Bug Point. She chose that magical place with a spring and a strand of aspen for her homestead shack. Minnie never married and was a school teacher who taught school in several schools around the area including the school on Cedar Point. At the time of this picture, two bed frames were still in the half-dugout.
The more rowdy members of her family left a bigger impression on those who remember the area’s history. Her brother Norse Tucker, who homesteaded just south of Minnie, was a character in a lot of stories. Norse used a regular saddle, but because of a birth defect, rode with both legs on the same side of the horse. Bill Goforth remembered that Norse had a reputation as a first-rate cowboy despite the deformity. Howard Myers remembered him grabbing the saddle horn and jumping from the ground to his mount.
Norse was apparently a little cancerous too, because he feuded with other ranchers and farmers in the area. He and Lon King were said to have butchered each other’s cattle occasionally, and once Norse helped cut the fence to Charlie Griffith’s corn just as it was starting to form ears. Griffith and his farm neighbors retaliated by driving the heard across the canyon to Cahone under the cover of darkness.

From the 1998 Dove Creek State Bank calendar (September)

Minnie Tudcker dug-out on Cedar Point