A bit of history of Dolores County, Colorado

This rock building in Cross Canyon is the first recorded dwelling in western Dolores County, at least the first built by a white man.
All Nunn and George Wertz built the structure as a cattle station for the Lacy-Carlisle Cattle Company in 1884. According to Nunn’s story, compiled by the Dolores County Historical Society, the double-walled stone building served as a home to several cowboys and protection against the unruly Ute Indians.
In 1896, a mail route was established between Dolores,CO, and Monticello, UT. This building served as a stopping point for the stage that carried the mail. John Granath, at 17 years of age, drove the stage three times a week between the two towns in 1897. Later the route was broken into two sections. One stage would start from Dolores and the other from Monticello. They would meet at Cross Canyon.
In 1906 the mail contract was abandoned and Cord Hinton from Texas moved into the building. During his short stay there, his two young sons and his wife’s 16 year old sister died of diphtheria. The graves are said to be “across the draw marked by flat rocks.” Hinton left about 1907. Other families named McDonald, Calhoun, and Wade were reported to have lived in the house.

From the 1991 Dove Creek State Bank calendar (April)

Cross Canyon stage coach