A bit of history of Dolores County, Colorado

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George W. and Marian McKnight has some clear ideas about cabin construction when they moved to Summit Point in 1918 or there abouts. George laid the logs straight and true, and when it came time for the roof he made his own shingles from big flat rocks. Johnny Skidmore, who owned the property in 1996, said the rocks probably came from a canyon several miles away, the only place in the region with rocks flat and thin enough.
President Calvin Coolidge’s name appears on the homestead papers when the McKnight’s proved up on November 27, 1923. That same year, or very soon thereafter, the family sold out and moved to California. But the old house stands as it has for over 75 years.
The old house was standing in 1996 has it has for decades. It’s walls were as stiff and straight as a soldier’s back and its roof taking whatever the weather brought.

From the 1996 Dove Creek State Bank calendar (November)

McKnight cabin on Summit Point