A bit of history of Dolores County, Colorado

This land on Squaw Point eventually became the Hampton Place, but it very nearly had different owners.
In 1920, Roy Dennison, an older brother of Grace Dennison Rower, built this rock house. A lean-to with a kitchen on one end made it big enough to be tolerable. Grace, her mother Lois Ada, and sister Birdie were all set to stay six months and establish squatter’s rights.
Clearing land was also part of the bargain and therein developed a serious problem. One of the brush piles burned hotter than it should have, or maybe a whirlwind came along at the wrong time. At any rate the chicken house was suddenly ablaze and the fire spread to the lean-to that was serving as a kitchen.
“That’s it,” said Lois Ada, and she gathered her belongings and her daughters, and moved to more permanent housing

From the 1993 Dove Creek State Bank calendar (June)

Roy Dennison homestead on Squaw Point