A bit of history of Dolores County, Colorado

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1947 Eighth Grade class picture:
Back row: Chub Myers, Betty Jo Munger, Maxine Crain, Carol Ann Young, Olivevan Heaton, Lola Willey, Teacher Ogreta Vinger. Front row: Bill Johnson, LeRoy Sanderson, Lester Hancock, LeRoy Beasley, George Griffith, and Dewey (Buck) Twilley.
The first public elementary school in Dove Creek was in 1917. It was in a building on Guyrene Street. High School classes were held there, but a regular high school was not established until 1928. Clark Levine was the high school teacher. The high school was not state recognized until 1938.

From the 2008 Dove Creek State Bank calendar (February)

Hard work built homes in Dolores County