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I always wanted to write. One day, I wrote a funny story for our newspaper about getting ready for hunting season. So began the "Phunque's Desk" column

My wife, Linda, and I live in Dove Creek, Colorado. We were raised here and graduated from high school here. We decided to take a leap of faith in 1983 and bought the Dove Creek Press. I don't know what we were thinking!

We retired in 2017.
How I got the name "Phunque" is a common question. My name is Doug Funk.

My brother was the one who discovered the new spelling. He said that an uppity family felt that "Funk" was way to common.

They decided "Phunque" was much better and revised the spelling.

I was in high school when he explained it to me. I wrote "Phunque" on everything I had.
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